AW Shucks Country Stores - Glen Allen, Virginia

Way back when we were kids, the country store was more than a stop-in sorta place. It was where the community gathered. It was where you got feed & seed. It was where kids stared at penny candy. The folks always hanging around could tell you how to fix your tractor or fill you in on the local news.

AW Shucks Country Store brings that back to the West End of Richmond. Sure, you can swing by for a few gallons of premium brand gasoline, or fill your backyard propane tank, or run in and grab a soda. We have all of the modern amenities of the best convenience store. We even have a high-tech car wash.

But we aren’t trying to chase you out. You’re our community.

At AW Shucks, our smoker is always smoking. The AW Shucks Grill has the greatest fresh sandwiches, healthy salads, hand-tossed artisan pizzas, and kicking BBQ in the area. Featured nights will see you getting great deals on loaded burgers, hot wings, and even free meals for the kids. If you’re tired of sitting in a drive-through for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, the AW Shucks Grill is where you want to be. We can even cater your get-together and deliver.

No meal is complete without some liquid refreshments, and we don’t cut any corners. You can find fresh coffee, just about any brand of soft drink, and a wide selection of sports drinks and healthy beverages. And not to brag, but we’ve got a fantastic section dedicated to wines and local craft beers. Stop by and check out the over 100 labels and 16 taps. There’s plenty to choose from, and we host numerous beer events and tap takeovers to keep expanding your choices.

Because we want you to enjoy your time with us, we fill our calendar with a host of community events. From frequent yard sales in the parking lot, to charity events and car shows & meetups, AW Shucks is your gathering place for Goochland, Hanover, Henrico, and the West End of Richmond. If you play your cards right, you can stop by, gas up, zip through the carwash, and enjoy some live entertainment while you dig into some BBQ. That’s right – our dining room (or if the weather’s nice, our expansive patio) brings in live entertainment several nights a week.
At a gas station.

We’re a gas station. We’re a carwash. We’re fast casual. We’re an events kind of place.

Just like the old country store, AW Shucks Country Store is all of that and a whole lot more.

Come on by. Say hello. Tell us some news. Then sit a spell.

See you soon.